WEEE Information for Lumenis Customers and Recyclers

Collection and Recycling Arrangements in Hungary

Lumenis products are sold in Hungary by distributors. The distributors act as the importer of the equipment into Hungary. Thus the distributors have the legal responsibility to:

  • Register as the WEEE producer in Hungary.
  • Provide arrangements for collection and recycling of WEEE arising from Lumenis products that the distributor sells in Hungary.

Please contact the distributor in Hungary below to understand what arrangements he has made for collection and recycling of WEEE arising from Lumenis products:

Dragon Holding ZRT
Street Address: Gdllő, Hunyadi u. 3., 2100
Country: HUNGARY
Phone: 36-28-526600
Fax: 36-28-512620
Main Contact: George Juhasz
Contact 2: Meryem Omer
Regional Manager: Gus Griffin

Street Address: Csorsz Str. 13, 1123 Budapest
Country: HUNGARY
Phone: 36 1 214 2032 / 36 1 214 2033
Fax: 36 1 214 2026
Main Contact: Laszlo Kontur
Contact 2: Peter Datan
Regional Manager: Gus Griffin (Germany)